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Structurally, the Refugee Rights Toolkit is divided into three main sections: Start-Up, Operate and Manage, and Advocate.


Start Up contains information relevant to you if you are starting a refugee rights organization from the ground up. It will address challenges in finding office space, registering your project with the proper branch of national administration, establishing relationships with the government and institutional partners, and guide you in the transition between start-up and good management practices that will promote the longevity of your refugee rights project.

Operate and Manage contains information and guidance relevant to you once you have a moderate level of stability. It will help you staff your project, manage volunteers, strategically plan, monitor and evaluate your impact and more.

Advocate contains substantive information and guidance on the management and implementation of refugee legal aid, refugee community organizing, refugee advocacy, and strategic litigation.


The Refugee Rights Toolkit acknowledges that not every page will be relevant to you. Not every refugee rights project will take on a legal aid program first. Not every refugee rights program will engage in advocacy. Depending on where your organization is in its trajectory, the entire Start-Up section may be very relevant, or not relevant at all to your professional leadership development. That’s okay! Every page of the Refugee Rights Toolkit contains information that is meant to stand alone.

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