The Asylum Access Refugee Rights Toolkit Initiative

The Refugee Rights Toolkit is an online platform to develop the leadership capacity of refugee rights leaders to replicate the Asylum Access model throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. To this end, Asylum Access couples access to the online toolkit with direct mentoring and connections to the broader refugee rights community. Asylum Access’s Refugee Rights Toolkit seeks to make the rights of refugees a reality by identifying and supporting refugee rights leaders (RRLs) to begin refugee rights projects in major refugee-receiving countries. The initiative does this by providing RRLs each of the following:

  1. regular, direct mentoring and skills-building with Asylum Access staff in any or all of Asylum Access’s competency areas,
  2. access to this Refugee Rights Toolkit online platform, and
  3. outside connections to both potential funders and also experts in the fields of refugee legal aid and refugee rights advocacy.

Mentoring is a critical part of the theory of change. The Toolkit approach is based on the assumption that new refugee rights initiatives are most likely to be successful if local leaders have access to knowledge about running a refugee rights program, support through mentorship, and a community of like-minded organizations to rely on.

Recent studies such as a 2010 U.S. Department of Education meta-analysis suggest that combining online learning with a “face-to-face” format may result in superior learning outcomes. Online learning with direct mentoring provides flexibility, accessibility, and self-reflection while providing an interpersonal experience with mentors.

Additionally, the Toolkit provides a general overview of global refugee rights organization strategy. As such, the toolkit can never be entirely content-specific; mentoring makes it possible for Asylum Access to overcome this limitation by filling in the gaps with one-on-one mentoring. The Refugee Rights Toolkit is not designed to offer explicit direction to budding RRLs, but rather, to prepare each to consider the importance of promoting refugee rights in refugee response, and to help brainstorm the proper avenue of applying best practices in unique contexts.

If you are interested in connecting with Asylum Access as a Refugee Rights Leader, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Access to the Refugee Rights Toolkit

The Refugee Rights Toolkit contains best practices for operational and programmatic questions also pertaining to the Asylum Access competency areas. It is best used as a supplement to mentorship, but can also help answer questions in an ad hoc manner. Visit the How to Use this Site page for more information on the structure and navigation of this site.