Community Legal Empowerment Strategies

There are a variety of strategies which your organization can use to empower the community. This Toolkit divides them into two categories: workshops and building the capacity of community leaders.

The former contemplates workshops on refugees’ rights, both for refugees themselves and for host country groups, whether communities, authorities or other organizations. It also looks at less legal workshops such as women’s empowerment, gender issues and integration. There are also cross-cutting sections on participatory diagnostics and facilitation techniques for workshops.

The latter looks at a variety of ways in which to build the capacity of members of the refugee population in order to spread rights awareness and enable a greater number of people to claim their rights. The various models covered are community advocates, community legal advisers, and community interpreters.

Community Action Plans are also discussed as a strategy, as are the necessary processes of monitoring and evaluating the various community legal empowerment strategies.

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