Other Workshops

This section offers a selection of downloadable workshop materials on themes not covered above, which can be adapted to your context.

UNHCR RSD processes workshop

Write your own appeal workshop

These materials are based on UNHCR appeals, but could be tailored to situations in which the government runs RSD and receives appeals.

Recent arrivals workshop

The following resource condenses information about seeking refugee status determination processes, interviews and refugees’ rights in the Ecuadorian context. It can be adapted to your situation. The key here is brevity and simplicity: new arrivals may be struggling with many issues and are unlikely to have the time to focus on complex legal information. Focus on the most practical necessities of refugees at this time.

You should advertise this workshop at border crossings and other entry points, as well as in the premises of other NGOs catering to recent arrivals e.g. migrants’ shelters, places of worship, etc.

SGBV workshop: know your rights

General refugee protection workshop

Your organization may wish to put together a workshop to give an overview of refugee protection in the region or country, with less of a focus on how to access refugee status. The legal context could be relevant to public authorities, civil society organizations and refugees themselves. The following is an example of such a workshop in the Tanzanian context.

Durable solutions workshop

Regardless of the services you are providing in a particular refugee case, you will always be looking toward helping your client achieve one of the following durable solutions: voluntary repatriation, local integration, or
resettlement. You may therefore want to develop a training that focuses on the situation for refugees after recognition. The below is an example of a workshop focused on durable solutions.