Integration Workshops

Integration workshops should seek to promote integration between refugees and the host community. These could take a number of forms:

  • Women’s groups or neighborhood groups that deal with problems common to refugees and citizens.
  • Language classes:
    • Instruction in the language of the host country, for refugees to be able to better integrate and navigate processes.
    • Classes in the language of the place to which refugees are to be resettled to promote integration in the third country.
    • It is often possible to find pro-bono language tutors. Enquire among language students or teachers in your community. Teachers should commit to a term’s classes to avoid disruption.
  • Livelihoods skills projects that incorporate refugees and host populations e.g. bicycle maintenance, handicrafts, dance performance groups, catering collectives, IT skills… the sky is your limit!
  • Sports: Sports is a universal language – why not organize your clients into a football / cricket / running team and arrange friendly matches with local teams. You could also mix teams up, to have refugee-host teams playing against each other. This requires minimal resources, and staff and/or volunteers could also be encouraged to participate.

Investigate what skills your clients have. Even if refugees are denied the right to work in your context, many may welcome the opportunity to train others in their skills for free, in order to remain active and spread self-sufficiency. Similarly, investigate what skills your staff, volunteers and partners may be willing to offer.

It is likely that many such workshops are already on offer with other refugee-assisting organizations. Find out about these and promote them to your clients.