Legal Services

  • Legal services comprise a broad range of services that can help refugee clients to navigate the legal process to obtain refugee status, workplace rights, access education, healthcare, and financial institutions, and demand equal protection of police and courts. The protection space and legal frameworks for refugees and asylum seekers in your country of information inform the types of legal services that your organization can provide to individual asylum seekers and refugees. In addition legal services can be tailored to the individual needs of a client and can include representation, advice or assistance to claim one or more of their legal rights.

    Section overview

    Working out how to focus efforts, prioritize cases and maximize impact is crucial. The legal services section of the toolkit is set up to help you navigate through the different aspects of program management and case management.

    Legal services management comprises a broad range of activities involving program management and case management in individual cases. Monitoring and evaluating and setting quality standards for the legal aid provided are essential in delivering these services.

    Specifically, the section focuses on:

  • Setting up high quality legal services through program management
  • Steps for case management in refugee status determination processes
  • ¬†Overview of case procedures
  • Steps for case management in access to rights procedures