Case Management

Managing cases is not only a job for legal services managers: every legal advocate on your team should be proficient in all aspects of case management.

This section will help you and your staff become familiar with the various aspects of case management. The Case Procedures module will describe all of the different steps that your organization may take with a client. It begins by detailing the intake process, gives some suggestions on how to decide whether to take a case, and provides guidance on what to do if you decide not to take a client. Each page includes best practices to develop forms or protocols, as well as downloadable templates for case management procedures. It then goes on to describe how to open a case, how to close a case once you are finished with it, and how to make referrals.

The RSD Procedures part of this section outlines the procedural steps and possible courses of action to take when working on a Refugee Status Determination (RSD) case. It also describes other types of legal status that a refugee may want to try to obtain and how best to advise a client who is seeking other types of status.

The Access to Rights Procedures page will describe why refugees might want to try to gain recognition other than refuge status. It will then provide some tools that your organization can use to determine whether you can help your client try to gain another status.

The Mobile Legal Clinics page will explain when it might be appropriate for your organization to run a mobile legal clinic. It also details how to schedule and run a mobile legal clinic.