Access to Rights Procedures

While the RSD process is vital, as states’ guarantees of rights to those on its territory are often limited to those with regular migration status, non-RSD topics can be┬ájust as significant to refugees in securing their working, legal, and educational rights.

Many refugee legal aid organizations begin focusing on RSD and later begin to attend to other human rights cases. Because procedures for accessing rights vary greatly across jurisdictions, this section will not outline the general procedural steps to be taken. Nor will it elaborate on the types of rights abuses from which refugees may suffer. For an outline of the major human rights provisions that apply to refugees, see the human rights of refugees section of the toolkit.

The following sections are intended to guide you through non-RSD procedures. There is an overview of developing non-RSD services; a self assessment worksheet intended to assess the sources, needs, and practicalities of your organization’s non-RSD services.