This section details the process of intake, including how you communicate important information about your organization and your role, how you collect client information, and how you screen for credibility and applicability.

Before you begin these processes, review the following preparatory steps:

Step 1: Ensure you have all of your legal services documents ready

Step 2: Have an intake check list ready so you don’t forget anything

Step 3: Make sure someone is always available to greet clients as they come in through the door. You may want to create a rotation schedule for you staff.

Step 4: Issue any clients waiting for intake with a reception questionnaire in their language that will help you and your legal advocates understand the needs of the particular client. Be mindful that some clients may not know how to read or write. A case worker should take these clients to a private space where they can go through the Reception Questionnaire with the client and an interpreter.

SAMPLE: Reception Questionnaire

Date:                                      Hour:

Client Information

First Name: ­­­­­_________________                 Last Name: _______________

Telephone number: ___________                Date of Birth: _______________

Number of dependents (children): _____          Local Address: ___________

Country of Origin: _________            Department: _________ City: __________

Which can we help you with today?

Mark one of our legal services:

Refugee Visa ☐            Education ☐        Work ☐            Health ☐            Living ☐

Bank Account ☐            Detention ☐        Civil Registration ☐            Domestic Violence ☐

Is this your first time in our office?  YES     NO

Are you applying to be a refugee?  YES     NO

Are you a recognized refugee?       YES     NO

Are you in any physical pain or experiencing any emotional distress?

Do you feel safe sleeping in your current living situation?

Do you have children? If so, are they going to school?

Please write any other questions you may have here: