Policy Advocacy Development and Management

In almost all instances, advocacy takes place in an uncertain environment. Policy advocacy is also a long-term process with a long-term goal. Therefore, in order to maintain focus, it is vital to develop a clear strategy, to set realistic goals, and to regularly measure your progress in achieving the desired result.

This section is designed to help you maneuver some of the big picture questions in order to develop meaningful and effective advocacy strategies. It will guide you through the process of developing and managing your advocacy goals and activities. Policy Advocacy Planning will highlight the tools and steps in understanding the problem, creating a policy advocacy goal and developing an advocacy strategy.

Closely related to policy advocacy planning is monitoring and evaluation (M&E). As M&E can shape and transform an advocacy strategy to maximize effect, this process should be closely related to your policy advocacy planning. The Policy Advocacy Monitoring and Evaluation section will highlight the M&E process and provide important resources for further consultation. Finally, Working with the Community in Policy Advocacy provide tools to assist your strategies are inclusive.

Policy Advocacy Planning

Policy Advocacy Monitoring and Evaluation

 Working with the Community in Policy Advocacy