Policy Advocacy Monitoring and Evaluation

During the policy advocacy planning stages your policy advocacy team should develop the infrastructure for monitoring and evaluating your advocacy campaign. It is important to prepare benchmarks and advocacy evaluation prior to engaging in large-scale policy advocacy projects.

Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is a crucial element to the success of your policy advocacy project. Policy advocacy M&E enhances your organization’s programmatic tracking from the planning stage, through implementation, to project completion. To familiarize your policy advocacy team with the basics M&E program cycle, visit the monitor and evaluate impact page.  Additionally, a thorough understanding of the policy advocacy planning section is an important precursor to any successful policy advocacy M&E program. A properly planned and designed M&E program uncovers formal and informal programmatic strengths and weaknesses, biases, and maximizes your organization’s advocacy potential.


Policy advocacy is an inherently risky approach to affecting change for refugees. However, it is still worth pursuing. With proper preparation and the right savvy, policy advocacy is the most productive route toward change. The policy advocacy M&E program cycle is designed specifically to prevent your organization from pursuing a fruitless path. Within the policy advocacy M&E program your organization will explore strategies while analyzing whether there is a viable pathway toward change (i.e. an “open policy window,” an influential supportive network, and a powerful inside ally). Finally, the evaluation mechanism will prepare your organization to restrategize or abandon the policy project.

The M&E program is designed to accurately reflect your organization’s progress toward policy advocacy goals. The following pages are designed to help your organization efficiently implement a policy advocacy M&E program cycle and prepare your organization for the challenges inherent in policy advocacy. What is policy advocacy M&E? explains the components and basic tenets of the policy advocacy M&E program cycle. Why is policy advocacy M&E important? analyzes the numerous benefits of adhering to the M&E program cycle. Keys to policy advocacy M&E outlines vital components of policy advocacy M&E and suggests solutions to common policy advocacy M&E pitfalls. How to implement a successful policy advocacy M&E program explains the nuance of designing and implementing a policy advocacy M&E program.

The two guides below are useful resources to help you get started in understanding the available tools and process of M&E in policy advocacy.

Useful resources: