Direct Interventions with Policymakers

Policymakers are refugee rights gatekeepers. Therefore, interventions with policymakers are among the most important policy advocacy strategies. Direct interventions are often the most effective strategies to changing a policymaker’s opinion or to build important relationships that will increase the likelihood of policy change in the future.

Direct interventions with policymakers can take on many forms — some that you can employ as a single organization, and some that may be more effective through a coalition or network. This section will introduce the following direct interventions with policymakers:

Direct Lobbying

Letter Writing Campaigns


Education and Capacity Building

Relationship Building

Depending on which policies you seek to change, the policymakers you aim to influence will evidently differ. Policymakers might include officials in governments, UNHCR, human rights bodies, as well as members in networks and coalitions. To tailor your advocacy strategy to your policymaker, you may refer to the Applying strategies to common stakeholders section of the toolkit.