Stakeholder Analysis

Purpose: To effectuate a successful refugee work rights program, it is important to determine ‘who’ has ‘what’ interest. The most appropriate means for clarifying these issues are:

  • Institutional mapping: identification of institutions, their roles, purpose, mandates and scope
  • Stakeholder analysis: determining nature of interest (and stakes on issues) of all stakeholders

Consider all different stakeholders who may impact and/or be impacted by the program and its outcome and what their incentives and interests in supporting or opposing any such program may be. Potential stakeholders may include government actors, businesses, academic institutions, host community’s civil society, NGOs and local interest groups as well as refugees and other potential affected groups.


Stakeholder Why are they relevant? How can they support your RWR project? How to approach them   
National governments
Local governments
Academic institutions
Faith-based organization
Public/Civil society
Multilateral organizations
Host community