This section addresses sustained fundraising: cultivating relationships with funders and grant writing in order to generate income for your organization beyond the start-up stage. Fundraising helps nonprofits secure the resources they need to carry out their primary activities. While there might be a range of fundraising opportunities, stay on track by focusing your grant-seeking on what would provide for your existing work. Do not use fundraising to introduce new activities outside the organization’s mission.

Strategic fundraising efforts, careful financial planning, budget management processes and sound decision-making are essential to the financial health of your organization. Yet the learning curve is steep, and advocates might underestimate the time and complexity of effective fundraising.

While experienced fundraisers or fundraising consultants might yield faster results, you might want to consider engaging dedicated staff, interns or volunteers to represent your organization. It is also critical that leadership staff understand fundraising processes, as funders will most certainly want to hear from them about the work.