Recruitment Timeline

It is important to map out all steps and milestones of the recruitment process against a concrete timeline of dates. This will help you anticipate whether you are on track to have a full team or need to strengthen recruitment efforts. 

Your recruitment timeline will vary greatly depending on whether you hire volunteers as well as staff, how long you require volunteers to work with your organization, and how long they choose to do so. If all of your volunteers stay for 6 months, your recruitment timeline will be very different compared to a situation where most volunteers prefer to stay for a year.

The sample recruitment timeline below will help illustrate this concept. We encourage you to develop a system for tracking where you are in the recruitment process in order to ensure that you have a full team of volunteers throughout the year. Communication across your organization with regards to recruitment needs is also essential to building your team of volunteers alongside staff. 

Please see the section on Annual Volunteer Planning for guidance on record keeping for the arrivals and confirmations of volunteers, and the Employee Management section for similar resources regarding staff.