Midterm and Exit Protocols

Collecting feedback from staff is a valuable organizational tool. VLAs should be given multiple opportunities to share their opinions and suggestions throughout their work for your organization.

This section provides guidance on Midterm Check-Ins and Exit Interviews as well as protocol to follow when a VLA is finishing their time with your organization.

A. Midterm check-In

Midterm check-ins not only provide your organization with a valuable opportunity to receive feedback about the Volunteer program, but they also give you a chance to provide feedback to the VLA, enabling them to improve upon their existing skills and abilities and ultimately help you improve client services.

B. Exit protocol

When a volunteer is nearing the end of their term with your organization, it’s important to set out a specific protocol for wrapping up their work and handing over their cases, as well as any logistical concerns.

Below is a sample Email you can send to your volunteers outlining Exit Protocol. Be sure to think through anything else particular to your organization that you need to include.

C. Exit interviews

Exit interviews are extremely valuable and should be planned ahead of time so as to allocate sufficient time. An exit interview provides a unique opportunity to garner candid feedback from a departing volunteer or staff member, their perspective on the organization´s strengths and weaknesses, and specific ideas about what your organization could do to improve. Through speaking with all departing volunteers, you may better identify trends in the volunteer experience that are particularly positive or may need improvement.

The volunteer or staff member will also have an opportunity to tell you all the benefits of the experience, the skills developed, and the general lessons learned — lessons which is important for further recruitment and for providing refreshed enthusiasm to the leadership team.

Topics covered should include:

  1. Any handover of cases
  2. Any intiatives that require follow-up
  3. Feedback on the experience
  4. What are the highlights for the experience?

D. Exit surveys

It is also helpful to create an Exit Survey to keep track of feedback over time. You will also get more candid feedback in this setting, and together with the conversations of the Exit Interviews, this feedback will be very valuable in improving your volunteer program over time.