Fundraising at Start-Up

Fundraising is one of the most challenging, but also crucial, aspect at the start-up stage. Before you start fundraising, the initial period requires some trial and error as you determine what works best for your project. This is the hardest fundraising phase you will probably have to undertake in the history of your organization.

It is important to recognize that fundraising—even start-up funding—is not merely about getting funding now. It is also about creating a long-term and sustainable relationship with your funder to provide financial security in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to engage your team in the process of fundraising. While experienced fundraisers or fundraising consultants might yield faster results, you might want to consider engaging dedicated staff, intern or volunteers to focus on representing your organization. It is also critical that leadership staff understand fundraising processes, as funders will most certainly want to hear from them to learn about the work they are supporting.

This section will guide you on how to mobilize the necessary resources to fund the start-up of your organization. It will help you (1) determine who you should target and how, (2) identify knowledge gaps that you might remedy through research, and (3) draft a fundraising plan.The sub-pages will guide you through the basic fundraising steps :

Once you have funded the initial launch, more information about sustained fundraising can be found in the Fundraising section of the Operation section.