Preparing to Launch

After deciding to establish a refugee rights organization, many preparations are needed before you launch your organization. Although launch preparations are often unpredictable, it is vital as the strategic and operational decisions involved can have far reaching consequences to your organization. This section captures some of the vital steps involved before you launch your organization, and includes pages that guide you to register your organization, fundraise at start-up, hire leadership staff, secure office space, and advertise your services. By the end of the section, you should have a better understanding of the key steps involved before opening your office to your first clients.

Launch preparations involve many of the same considerations that are present at any time while operating an organization, such as staffing, fundraising and communications. Therefore, this section only highlights the strategies and tips most relevant to the very first phases of setting up an organization. For more detailed information on how to sustain these processes in the long-term within the organization, refer to the Operate and Manage section of the toolkit.

 Registering Your Organization
 Fundraising at Start-up
 Securing Office Space
 Advertising Your Services